Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dipping a toe into the deep waters of visual art...

We're now only — gasp! — eight weeks from the start of this year's festival, and things are really starting to come together.

For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of working on the festival is getting the chance to meet and interact with festival artists, which never fails to excite me.

This week I was able to chat with Kami Polzin, a Stillwater-based oil painter who will be the first visual artist featured at the White Pine Festival. Not only is her work fabulous, but she's pretty darn cool in her own right. Her participation in the festival excites me not only because I'm looking forward to having her on board, but also because her involvement represents our first foray into the world of visual art.

We're easing into visual art slowly, with Kami giving a single painting demonstration on the St. Croix River during the festival and leading watercolor painting classes at three local elementary schools in the month before the festival.

It may be a relatively humble beginning, but I'm eager to see where it will lead, and I know we couldn't ask for a better or more enthusiastic artist.

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